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Editing is the process of checking and polishing text to reduce errors, improve clarity and create a more impactful reading experience. You’ll need one or more of the following types of editing:

1. Proofreading

The proof edit is the lightest level of involvement and takes the form of a careful read-through of text that has already been copy edited. The aim is to catch any superficial errors such as misspelled words, missing punctuation, extra paragraph breaks, and incorrect formatting. Add a round of proofreading if it’s absolutely critical that you eliminate as many errors as possible.

2. Copy editing

Copy editing – also known as text editing – is where the grammar, spelling, punctuation and general error corrections happen.
A copy editor will:

  • do minor rephrasing to simplify sentences and reduce ambiguity (more extensiver rephrasing with heavy copy edit)
  • cut redundancies and repetitions
  • make corrections for grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • ensure internal consistency (e.g., spelling of characters’ names, consistency in format of writing numbers and dates, capitalisation of headlines)
  • ensure compliance with any required style guide
  • make margin notes for anything that needs your attention (e.g. unclear argument, flawed logic, contradictions, ambiguity)

Copy editing is usually priced according to the level of work needed. My copy editing levels are:

  • Light: for fluent English speakers who are also skilled writers and where the text has already been reviewed by at least one objective reader.
  • Medium: for English second-language speakers or writers who want a bit more assistance with error checking and expression.
  • Heavy: for second-language writers and/or those who need a fair amount of rephrasing and correction.

3. Stylistic, structural and line editing

Beyond the error and consistency checking of the copy edit we get more in-depth edits that look at style, expression, meaning and logical structure. This may involve a fair amount of rephrasing and, possibly, some rearranging of paragraphs. It may also go as far as to suggest chapter reorganisation or renaming. I offer the style and structure edit as an add-on to the copy edit See the cost calculators below.

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Editing portfolio

A small selection of some of the books I have edited or proofread.

Russel Brownlee Tuin der Plagen
Business in the 21st Century - book edited
Charlize Theron biography cover
Ghetto Ninja book cover
A million miles from normal book cover
Charlize Theron biography cover
Ghetto Ninja book cover
A million miles from normal book cover

Editing readiness

Before you think about getting text editing, first assess whether your manuscript is ready for this step. It is a general rule in publishing that first drafts of book-length works are seldom ready for copy editing. Take this publishing readiness quiz to find out whether your work is ready for text editing or whether it first needs an editorial assessment or a developmental edit. Or subscribe using the box below and get my 25-page ebook on how to get your manuscript ready for editing and save hundreds of dollars in publishing costs.

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