Join an online writing group

Join a writing group

Group coaching for writers and authors

Online tele-courses to break through your blocks and get you writing

You have a longing to write but you lack the confidence or you’re struggling to get going. What you need is the energy and inspiration of a group coaching programme.

Join us on regular webinar telecourses that will fill you with inspiration and provide the energy to get you started on your writing project. It’s so much easier when you hear from others about their struggles and successes and when you are gently encouraged to put pen to paper and start writing.

How group coaching works

We meet once a week by computer or mobile device for about an hour and 15 minutes. The sessions consist of a presentation by Russel, combined with meditative processes, live coaching and Q&A sessions. Recordings of the sessions are available afterwards for anybody who wants to catch up on a missed lesson. A highlight is the dedicated Facebook group where participants can post examples of their work, ask questions and offer encouragement to others. It’s all designed to let you know you’re not working alone and are part of a group all reaching for the same dream.

Start Writing Now – Course curriculum

The Start Writing Now course blends coaching and self-development practices with some of the “how to” of writing for various genres. This combination addresses both the psychological and technical aspects of writing, making it doubly effective. Plus, you get encouraged to start a piece of writing and complete it by the end of the course. Nothing like a friendly, self-induced deadline to get things happening.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to get into the inspiration zone
  • Dealing with blocks and self-sabotage
  • Writing as a spiritual practice
  • How to write opening lines that grab the reader’s attention
  • An introduction to composition structure in articles, stories and books
  • The Hero’s Journey – mythic structure applied to stories and to your life as a writer
  • Plus Russel’s support in the Facebook group and by email

Next course dates

To be announced. Please follow the Facebook page to be alerted to new courses and start dates. Or email me now and I’ll add you to the notification list.

This course brought the quality of my book writing to a new level. I have been writing a book on and off for the past three years, yet I learned valuable tips and techniques that have definitely raised my game.

Loraine Magda

Coach & Author

This course is going to free you from all your doubts about writing. It will unblock you and stop the self-sabotage you keep doing which keeps you from actually writing.

Yvonne Gruendler

I’ve gained a great deal in the sense that my relationship with writing has changed. I have been thinking for a while that the relationship had become almost toxic. Too much pressure and years of feeling like I can’t do it and that I will fail forever bred a sense of alienation. The course has caused me to feel like I can be friends with writing again.

Tanya Sadler